Chicken Club with Sriracha-Garlic Mayo

This one is a good weekend lunchtime treat.  I made this a few days ago, and it was really good to eat for the weekend.  It is not exactly healthy, but I think it can definitely be made healthy.  A nice double layer chicken club sandwich.  I suppose you could use this recipe and ignore the Sriracha-Garlic Mayo (and perhaps a couple of my other additions), and still make a good club out of this.  Personally I love a club sandwich every once in a while, and I hope you like this one as much as I did.

Messy but good

First off, a Chicken Club needs Chicken.  I didn’t want to fry chicken, but I did not have access to a BBQ in order to do a proper grilled chicken.  In order to make a good bit of chicken for this I bake the chicken in foil.  I put the whole chicken breasts in a piece of foil, pepper them well, and add a knob of butter (replace with oil, or even nothing if you want to be healthier).  Wrap them up and stick them in the oven (around 180C or 350F).  Make sure you foil is good for the oven, otherwise it will ruin the chicken (I once made Corn on the Cob this way, lacking a BBQ, but without proper foil, and it came out tasting like metal).


Wrap it up and stick it in the oven.  Now time for the veg you want on the salad.  I went for a simple combo of red onion and mini plum tomatoes, sliced nice and thin.  I put a light sprinkle of salt (very light actually) on the sliced tomatoes.  I don’t know if this is a done thing, but to me just a little sprinkle of salt on the raw flesh brings out the tomato flavour.

The white onions were for a different recipe, one which I might put up when I try it again

The white onions were for a different recipe, one which I might put up when I try it again

Once the Chicken is done, I take it out, but leave it in the foil.  Its nice to cool it, but keep it a little warm.  Now I lay out strips of streaky bacon on a grill pan, and stick them under the grill (This, I think in America is known as Broiling.  For this recipe, it renders the fats into the tray, while the bacon crisps on a grill rack).  This will take a little time, but keep an eye on it because the bacon can go from the delicious salty-crispy to bitter-burnt in a few seconds.  At this point I make the Sriracha-Garlic Mayo.  Please note, I used a garlic-sriracha to begin with, you could use regular to skip the garlic (or even add more if you wanted).  I basically mixed Mayo (as low or high fat as you desire, if you want to make your own, I will post my recipe for mayo up.  Apparently, it has been discovered that eggs are no where as near as bad for you as health scientists would lead you to believe) with sriracha, tasting as I went.  Once you arrive at a mix that you are happy with, you are good to go.

This is with extra Garlic

This is with extra Garlic

Once that is made, we are ready to assemble this beast.  Toast three slices of bread (I actually find that relatively cheap white bread is best as it is thin and not too dense.  Remember we have a lot of filling to this club).  On the first slice, put some peanut butter, very thinly spread (Sounds weird, is awesome.  Just a very very thin layer).  Then add your cooked chicken, which I portion up but cutting each breast up.

Nice, moist chicken, with a little extra black pepper

Nice, moist chicken, with a little extra black pepper

Cutting them in half down the width (as above), then half again down the centre is a nive way of having some thin chicken pieces for the sandwich.  Put two on the slice of bread with the peanut butter (That should leave you with two from one breast, and its one breast per sandwich ).  On top, add some tomato, onion and shredded lettuce leaves (Finely shredded is best), and some pieces of crispy bacon.  A small dollop of the garlic-sriracha-mayo then a slice of the toasted bread.  On this repeat the previous steps for the first layer, but omit the peanut butter.  Top with your last piece of toasted bread, and you are pretty much done.

This one, I am not going to put a list or method, as ultimately its a sandwich.  If people do want one, of course I will put one up, I just thought this one was nice and simple, with a little kick.  Let me know what you think


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